Understand Your Customers Needs with Advanced AI
Matching People to Mattresses with AI
The MattressAI platform gives retailers the ability to deploy AI assistants into their sales and marketing channels. This allows them to communicate with their shoppers in an engaging and hassle free manner. Ensuring that shoppers don't select a mattress based on price alone but on what is going to deliver them the deep sleep that they need.
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Features Tailored for

Modern Mattress Retailers

AI-Powered Sales Assistance

Engage customers seamlessly with our cutting-edge AI technology - a game-changer for mattress sales.

User-Friendly Dashboard

Manage leads, chats, and updates effortlessly from a centralized hub designed for efficiency.

Inventory & Product Management

Stay updated in real-time. Train MattressAI on your products and always be ready to showcase your range.

Generate Leads Effortlessly

Meet Your New

MattressAI Assistants

Discover two distinct AI assistants, each meticulously crafted for a unique purpose.

We have the perfect assistant tailored for your needs. With comprehensive customization options, rest assured that these assistants will seamlessly represent your brand, maximizing lead generation.


Leads Lite Assistant
Available in both Standard and Premium Plans.
Targeted Design
Resonates with the tech-savvy younger audience using state-of-the-art AI.
Engagement & Collection
Engages potential customers with relevant questions, gathering contact details for successful deal closures.


Leads Plus Assistant
Exclusively available in the Premium Plan.
AI Sales Expertise
Assists in mattress fitting, guiding customers with tailored questions and recommending a mattress.
Customization & Sharing
Define preferred brands and share the assistant via email, text, or QR code.

Tailored Features

How MattressAI

Works for You

Accessible via QR Codes.
On digital, print, web ads, and in-store – bridge the gap between offline and online.
Instant Notifications.
Receive lead notifications straight to your device. Never miss out on a potential sale.
Dream Outcomes with MattressAI.
Aim to close 1 in 5 leads generated by MattressAI and position yourself as the go-to innovative mattress retailer.
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Smart QR Functionalities

Powerful Sharing Features.

Elevate your shopping experience with MattressAI's sharing functionalities. Instantly unlock store-specific sessions with time-sensitive chats, tailored just for your business.

  • Chat Links Via SMS & Email.
  • Generate Lead Lite & Plus QR Codes.
  • Tailored chats depending on your business needs.
Meet Your Customers Where They Are

With Our Website Assistant Chat Assistants

  • Capture Lead Information. We capture lead info for you. Sit back and let the lead pile in.
  • Fit Customers to Mattresses MattressAI speaks to your customers, captures there sleep preferences and then matches them to a mattress from your inventory.
  • Forget Stale Marketing Efforts. Revamp your branding and outreach with our customizable AI and innovative marketing mechanisms.
MattressAI Twilio Integration
Your Success, is our Success.

We are commitment to making MattressAI work for you.

  • Dedicated support from our team and our founder Blake.
  • A discount for early adopters and testers.
  • We will work closely with you to customize and optimize your assistant personas for the best results possible.
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Hear What People Are Saying About Us
"Amazing platform, I'm glad the AI is inclusive for all the languages!"
Jorge Rivera
Technical Support & Data Analyst
"Mattress shoppers know the value of a supportive mattress but often feel lost and frustrated by the lack of clear guidance. MattressAI cuts through the confusion, offering straightforward and trustworthy advice. We ensure customers sleep soundly, confident they’ve been matched with the right mattress, not just sold one"
Blake Austin
Founder of MattressAI
"The powerful analytic tools have helped us streamline our processes and make data-driven decisions that positively impact our efficiency. MattressAI has been a game-changer for our business. The platform is easy to use, and the insights we've gained have driven significant improvements."
MattressAI Alpha User
Business Owner
We've listened to you.
Here's what's coming next
  1. New Refined Assistants

    Brand new MattressAI Assistants built on OpenAI's latest technology. Faster, smarter and more functional!

  2. RSA Assistant & Training Assistant

    Find a customer's perfect mattress with our AI-powered fitting assistant, available directly in your Dashboard.

  3. Modular Enterprise Plan

    Get a white-labeled version of MattressAI with your own branding and domain. Admin Dashboards for Multi-Location Businesses. Internal Social messaging and more.

  4. Voice In/Out

    Customers will be able to have a verbal conversation with the assistant using their voice.

  5. MattressAI Marketing Assistant

    A new assistant that will help you with your marketing efforts. It will be able to create ads, social media posts, and more.

Find Your Perfect Fit

Choose Your Perfect Plan

Select the plan that best suits your needs and unlock the potential of our intelligent AI Assistants. If you're managing multiple stores, inquire about our special multi-store discounts. For enterprise customization or any other queries, our team is ready to assist you at system@themattressai.com.


$199 / month

Dive into AI-driven customer engagement without the stress of limits. Ideal for growing retailers ready to leverage AI for lead generation.

  • Unlimited chats with MattressAI Leads Lite Assistant for endless lead opportunities
  • Access essential Dashboard features to track and optimize your AI's performance
  • Personalize your assistant to reflect your brand's unique voice and values
  • Craft targeted engagement questions to captivate potential leads
  • Seamlessly share your assistant across digital platforms with QR codes and URLs
Go Standard



$699 / month

Take full advantage of AI's power for both lead generation and product suggestions with a generous chat allowance.

  • Comprehensive access to both MattressAI Leads Plus and Lite Assistants for a full-range AI experience
  • 500 AI chats per month to comfortably accommodate high customer engagement
  • Unlock all Dashboard features for in-depth insights and full control over your AI strategy
  • Tailor your Plus Assistant with up to 4 brand-specific recommendations for precise customer targeting
  • Curate a bespoke conversation flow with select questions, enhancing customer interactions
  • Fully personalize your AI assistants to resonate with your brand's unique story
  • Maximize reach with multi-channel sharing options: QR, Text, Email, and URL
Go Premium


$1,699/ month

For businesses demanding the ultimate in AI assistance with no boundaries - enjoy unlimited conversations and premium features.

  • Inclusive of all Premium Plan features, with the added benefit of unlimited scalability
  • Unrestricted chats with both Leads Lite and Plus Assistants
  • Exclusive early access to new features
  • Unlimited brand-specific recommendations
  • Freedom to design an infinite array of custom questions
  • Unbounded outreach potential via QR, Text, Email, and URL
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